The Dollheads Rocked Out in Support of White Noise's EP Release Show at The Space on October 7th, 2023

The Dollheads at The Space 10/7/2023

All Photos and Write Up by David "Widgit" McMillan of Stoned Spider Photography

LAS VEGAS, NV -- While I was photographing a black light art exibit at Recycled Propaganda during this month's First Friday event in the Las Vegas arts district, I ran into a couple members of the band, The Dollheads. They invited me to a show they were doing the following night and I was more than happy to accept.

Fast forward to the next night of October 7th and we now find ourselves at The Space event venue in Las Vegas. Other than The Dollheads themselves I had no idea who else was on the bill or what kind of show it was going to be but, I was definitely not disappointed and will follow up on the other bands later.

The only time before I was able to catch The Dollheads, was for a private practice session, so I was excited to see them on a proper stage. The hope these guys gave me for the future of music before was only made stronger by their performance that night. To show as much talent at a young age and be so comfortable on the stage, the only way these kids can go is up.

Talent aside, you can tell that they really love what they are doing and have fun while on stage. From the moment they step on stage you can feel the energy in the room start to build and then come alive as they begin to play. If you’re not having fun while seeing these guys live, then I have to wonder “are you really paying attention?”

Being the first time I’ve gotten to see them live, I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range in the ages of the audience members. Whether you’re just beginning your journey into live music or a seasoned veteran like me this is one band you’re going to want to keep your eyes and ears on. The Dollheads and other young bands like them are what will ensure the music scenes we love stay alive and thriving.

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