Silver Synthetic Harkens a Legendary Bayou Sound With Debut Self-Titled Album

4.4 stars out of 5

Have you ever wondered what Credence Clearwater Revival would sound like if Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys was the lead singer instead of John Fogerty?

Well, that's probably the closest thing I can think of to explain the sound of Silver Synthetic.

Their newly released debut album, aptly titled Silver Synthetic, is a record that inspires the late 60's and early 70's sounds of that bayou rock that CCR made mainstream. There have been few who have attempted capturing that sound since. 

Silver Synthetic does a very good job of putting their own stamp on this style. 

The New Orleans natives bring out the breezy rock with some incredible modern rock lead guitars. It's a very cool combination that I have personally not heard done before.

There is definitely a bit of bluesy sound across their music too.

"Around The Bend" almost seem like a direct nod to the forefathers of swamp rock (CCR has a song called "Up Around The Bend"), but the song is so smooth it is not a cover or direct ripoff. It is possibly my favorite song on the album.

I also really liked quite a few other songs. The first song on the album...ahem...titled "In The Beginning" (well played) is a great way to kick off a debut album as it has a great guitar lead intro and a very smooth sound.

"Some Of What You Want" is a classic sounding song in line with the Beatles or something along those lines, and the chorus will have you bobbing your head. 

If you are a fan of the old southern rock styles that was developed in the formative years of rock and roll, then you will enjoy this modernizes version of it. 

Silver Synthetic are signed to Jack White's Third Man Records, and it really is a perfect fit. There is no rushed sound or forced pop added. It is just exactly what it needs to be.

A lot of times when bands sign on with major labels, the music gets ripped apart and reconstructed by a producer who needs their ego to be fed more than they need to make a good record. Fortunately, this is exactly the opposite of what has happened with this album.

The recording actually took place in front man Chris Lyon's New Orleans home, and they weren't pressured by recording time (as they mention in their artist bio). So, they got the sound they wanted without having to feel like they had to put in more than what was needed.

I would say this is one of the better debut albums I have heard in the last few years, and I look forward to more from these guys.

You can check out their music here, and watch a couple of their music videos below. 

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