Top 100 Rock Albums of All Time - 100-91

Earlier this year, I released a list of my top 40 favorite rock bands/artists before I turn 40, but NOW I took on an even tougher challenge of putting together my favorite 100 Rock Albums of All Time.

These are not inspired by other people’s lists or what people consider “great or influential music” - though a lot of it absolutely will be. These are just flat out my favorite 100 albums of all-time.

It is an ill-fated journey as NO ONE on the planet will agree with this list, but as futile as my efforts are, I feel like I can happily share this list with the world just to show the various bands that make great music and how much I thoroughly enjoy them.

Let’s get started:

100 - Rehearsal - Skegss is an Australian band that just put this album out in 2021, but it has quickly become one of my most listened to and favorite albums. All of their music is good, but this album is great from front to back with no bad songs to speak. It is a great road trip album too. “Under the Thunder”, “Bush TV”, “Picturesque Moment” and “Valhalla” are probably my favorites on this album, but I do like every track on it.

99 - The Beatles (White Album) - Okay, I know, you are rolling your eyes, like, “What kind of crackpot puts this album at number 99?” Yeah, I do. Here’s the thing, I like The Beatles. I don’t LOVE The Beatles. So, if you are some sort of rock history purist, (and you might be) you are likely going to hate this list. However, I will say this is by far my favorite album by The Beatles, and I would probably only put Revolver as another one close to my top 100. My probably is that for every “Hey Jude” there is an “Obla-Di-Obla-Da” song that basically discredits their chops. I get it, they were a pop band above all else, but that’s why I am not throwing them up high on my “rock” list. My favorite tracks on this album are “Rocky Raccoon” and “Revolution 1” (my favorite song by The Beatles all time - mostly for that shredding guitar riff at the beginning – though I do like the more uptempo single version of the song a bit more).

98 - One by One - Foo Fighters always make great music in my opinion, but some of the albums do have “filler songs” as I call them. This one, however, does not. It has great songs all the way through, but you will see other Foo albums later on in this countdown. So many good songs on this one, but if I have to choose one, I am taking “All My Life” as the one I have to choose.

97 - Louder Now - Taking Back Sunday has a lot of great albums. This one is my favorite for the sheer loudness and rockingness of it. I would love to put all of their albums in the top 100, but after seeing the rest of the albums on this list, this was the only one I could convince myself to put in here. Great album. Great band. “What’s It Feel Like To Be a Ghost” is an absolute banger to start the album with “Liar (It Takes One To Know One)” and “MakeDamnSure” rounding out the absolute must-listen-to tracks on this one.

96 - Double Plaidinum - Lagwagon has to appear on this list early and often. This album is one of their albums that I tend to overlook and not play as much as some of their other albums, but it is absolutely a great album. The first song on the album “Alien 8” might be one of the most rocking songs they ever wrote, and it hits hard live as well. “Making Friends” is definitely another classic Lagwagon song as well. “Smile” is sort of the counterpart of that song with the line “I hate my friends” refrained. “Twenty Seven” might be one of the most underrated songs by the band as well.

95 - Songs For The Deaf - Queens of the Stone Age make really good music, but some of the stuff they do is a bit on the weird side even for me, and I like most of what they do. However, this album is just absolutely rocking all over the place. “Go With The Flow” and “No One Knows” are on this album with the latter being my favorite QOTSA song ever (with Dave Grohl drumming some bad ass triplet rolls).

94 - Get Fixed - Cursive never disappoints, in my opinion. There are some absolutely heart-wrenching songs in here like “Marigolds” and lead singer Tim Kasher is an absolute national treasure and insanely gifted songwriter. He is as good as they come, and I am pretty much of the opinion that Cursive has some of the best songs ever made. Album by album, I am amazed that there are still so many good songs that can be made by the same band. 

93 - Nighttiming - Coconut Records was a musical project by actor Jason Schwartzman that made really good music, and this album is a gift to your ears. So many good songs on here that you have to check out...especially if you didn’t know about Schwartzman’s musical abilities. A true triple threat in Hollywood! “West Coast” is the most famous song, and the most singable...probably my favorite too, but “Nighttiming” the song is a great one as well.

92 - OK Human - Weezer put out two albums in 2021, but this one was by far the better album over Van Weezer which is an album I want to forget that Weezer ever put out. Songs like “Numbers” and “All My Favorite Songs” are instant Weezer classics from this album though.

91 - Save The World, Lose The Girl - Midtown was a gem of a punk rock / arena rock style band from the late 90’s and early 2000’s that made Jersey rock badass again. They made one absolutely perfect album here, and though they did have a follow up album that was pretty good too, this album was sort of their moment in the sun as they had major issues with keeping things together. Too bad as they were a gifted band at their peak. My favorite track on this album is probably “No Place Feels Like Home.”

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