UK Punk Band Be Fair Announces The Release of a New Single with B-Side Out August 19th, 2022

The UK punk band Be Fair will be releasing a single for their song "Lake City Quiet Pills" with a b-side track called "Demotivational Speaker" on August 19th, 2022.

I reached out to the band to get a few questions answered as well.

Q: Will these songs be on an upcoming album or EP release for Be Fair? If so, is there an expected release date? If not, then that's all good too...just want to verify.

Dickie from Be Fair: The plan is to release all the singles as a physical release through Cat's Claw Records. That being said we don't have a release date for that as we haven't recorded all the songs for it as yet.

Q: Does Be Fair have any more shows coming up to talk about?

Dickie from Be Fair: Yes! We are at West Street Live in Sheffield along with Cuecliche, Cat Like Thief and Crooked Smiles (free entry) and then at Shakespeare's in Sheffield with Pardon Us, Shackleford and the Lock and Keys (£7 on the door)

If you would like us to play your hamlet/village/town/city/settlement then please do get in touch with and we will see what we can do. We love playing with new bands, making new friends and all that good stuff.

Q: Does Be Fair work with a label over there or fully independent?

Dickie from Be Fair: Kind of both in a way. We work fully independent but with help and support from the awesome Cat's Claw Records. Jonny Cat's Claw lets us do our thing and is probably the most patient gent in punk rock, which is ideal because we are a slow moving beast. We feel like imposters on the label with so many amazing bands on there.

Q: How long have you guys been playing together? And has it always been the same lineup?

Dickie from Be Fair: We started in August 2019 which was possibly not the best time to start a band when considering all that happened in the world immediately afterwards. We have remained the same line-up since then.

Q: Were you guys playing in other bands before Be Fair?

Dickie from Be Fair: Yeah, Wakey (drums/vocals) being the most prolific and most talented member of Be Fair was in Pudge, Pawshaker, Bastardizer, Stop that Astronaut and a host of others. He currently has a couple of incredible current musical projects such as Estapax and Metrolocal on the go as well.
Carl (bass/vocals) was in Kicking Pigeons and Medico Miller
Phil (guitar/vocals) was in All Below Have Manuals previously
And I (Dickie, Guitar/Vocals) was in Hopewood and Neighbourhood Watch.

Full press release information here:

The two songs "Lake City Quiet Pills" and "De-motivational Speaker" showcase two sides of the same band!

Link to the Singles when Live on Aug. 19th

Formed in August 2019, the four-piece pull from their varied influences and keep the music heartfelt and honest and the live shows fast and fun. Be Fair are four friends who make the kind of music they love and have grown up with. Both "Lake City Quiet Pills" and the b-side "DeMotivational Speaker" were recorded by the band themselves in their own rehearsal space, lovingly dubbed 'tinnitus towers', and mixed at Tide Studio, London. 

Be Fair are Phil Stevenson: Guitar, Vocals, Dickie Allen: Guitar, Vocals, Carl Elliott: Bass, and Wakey Ste: Drums, Vocals

For Fans Of: Banner Pilot, Off With Their Heads, Dear Landlord and Jawbreaker

Go pre-save/listen to "Lake City Quiet Pills" and "Demotivational Speaker":

Quote from the band:

The band gave a bit of an explanation behind the songs...

“Lake City Quiet Pills" documents encountering people that live in a permanent state of time-altered nostalgia and yearn for a time that never really existed except in their own minds whilst doing all they can to belittle and diminish the achievements of those around them. 

"De-Motivational Speaker" tackles the subject of deteriorating friendships and the moment of clarity reached when one realises you have been deceived and manipulated by those that were once considered friends and allies.


Track List for “Lake City Quiet Pills”:

1. Lake City Quiet Pills

2. Demotivational Speaker


Upcoming Shows

Friday, September 9th at Shakespeare's in Sheffiled

Opening for Pardon Us, Shackleford and The Lock & Keys

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For Interview or Booking Requests, please email the band directly:

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