Venerea Releases a Skatepunk Memoir Song Called "Summer of '94" Featuring Guest Musicians from Millencolin, Adhesive and No Fun At All

For fans of skate punk (that is punk music that got popularized in the early 90s for fitting with the skateboarding scene of Southern California that became a global phenomenon shortly after), you are probably going to love the new single from the Swedish punk rockers Venerea called "Summer of '94."

Haven't heard of them? Well, you have probably heard of some of the guests on the song including Millencolin's lead singer Nikola Šarčević.

Check out the official statement from the band, and tell us what you think:

Sweden’s Venerea has released a new song via SBAM Records. The single "Summer of 94" appears on the band's upcoming full-length, 'Euro Trash,' on August 26 via SBÄM Records.

Stream "Summer of '94" here:

Check out the lyric video here:

Venerea first rose to infamy during the Swedish mid-nineties punk boom, with genre-defining albums such as Both Ends Burning, Shake Your Booty and One Louder.

They have toured extensively through Europe as well as occasional visits to Asia and North America, alternating headlining stints with festivals and package tours such as Vans Off The Wall, sharing stages with everyone from Snfu and Bad Religion to NoFx and Propagandhi.

The next chapter begins on August 26th with the release of the new LP/CD 'Euro Trash' on Sbäm Records, filled to the brim with instant classic bangers such as the pre-release download single "Summer Of ‘94" featuring guest vocals from Kola (Millencolin), Geir (Adhesive) & Ingo (No Fun At All) but even without the all star cast they have never sounded better.

The band’s popular brand of melodic hardcore & dual guitar/dual vocal approach is instantly recognizable & the new tunes will stick like glue. The lyrics keep coming from out of left field, with topics including possible byproducts of covid, morbid rubbernecking, needy musicians, forced adoption, extreme nerdery, obese hijinx, the biography of an ex-drummer’s wife (in two parts), requited self-deception, the imaginary world, & the importance of sucking.

'Euro Trash' was expertly produced by Gustav Brunn (Atlas Losing Grip) at legendary Tambourine Studios, Malmö.

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