With Confidence Confidently Pops Their Way Into Your Brain Whether You Like It or Not

3.8 out of 5 stars

As an older rock fan (almost 40), new pop punk bands are usually a little too “pop” for me, and this is definitely true in respect to With Confidence.

That being said, I couldn’t find anything terribly wrong with their music. It sounds like a mix of Taking Back Sunday, Dashboard Confessional, 21 Pilots and AJR.

Now, of those bands, I only enjoy Taking Back Sunday, but if you like any of those bands, you have a shot at liking this band.

With Confidence is an Aussie pop-punk band, and they just released their 3rd album which is self titled (With Confidence). 

I think the only thing that I just don’t like is the band seems to have “young people problems” that I just don’t connect with anymore. That’s not a fault of their own. Just my personal taste in music and subject matter.

Now, there is a LOT of post-production in the album as well. Backing vocals galore and added music that just makes it way too poppy for me as well.

I think a really good comparison might actually be another Australian pop-rock band, 5 Seconds of Summer.

I kept thinking, “This sounds like a boy band...but maybe it’s not?” I still can’t decide if this is a true pop-punk band or if it is a boy-band that happens to play their own instruments.

I invite you to listen to the album and make your own judgment.

I will say that the closing song “Lose” was probably my favorite on the album. It seemed more overall intricate and deeper in sentiment than the rest of the album. I wouldn’t mind listening to that song here or there.

I will also give this band total credit for being talented on their respective instruments, and there are some good riffs and solos in the music.

They definitely know how to make a pop song, I will give them that. "Cult" is probably the most "get-stuck-in-your-head" song on the album.

You can get a small sample of their music from their music video for “Anything” right here:

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